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bad. >>> also tonight, did the u.s. marine corps abandon a group of marines and military family members after they developed a rare and surprising disease? dr. nancy snyderman investigates a controversy. >> when is the leadership of the marine corps going to stand up and say we made a mistake? >>> also tonight, kate snow goes inside the fight to save the pandas including some of the very youngest. >> you are too cute. look at you. >> their ircystability is beyond dispute, so what is it about the effort to protect them that makes this wild life expert so upset. >> you said once i would happily eat the last panda on earth if you could spend the money on worth while. in all seriousness, why did you say that? >> "rock center" gets under way. good evening. welcome to "rock center." the first glimpse americans ever got of oscar pistorius was on this broadcast in the run-up to the summer olympic games in london. we aired what became the defining profile of him reported by mary carrillo of nbc sports who traveled to south africa and got to know this unusual olympic athlete. well, fast f
cases at camp lejeune among members of the u.s. marine corps. >> how many of you, by a show of hands, believe that the united states marines are in some way in part for you responsible for getting breast cancer? >> this is really an important story. it's about people who have volunteered to serve their country, people who are suffering today. we hope you can join us for it. that's going to be it for this week's edition of "rock center" and for everyone that works so hard here in new york to bring you the broadcast, thank you for being with us. and the safety pets on airpla s airplanes. >>> are you star struck? did you see it? the bay area dazzled by an unexpected fireball in the sky. >> the skies brimming with action. first an asteroid skims past earth tonight and now a meteor strikes over area skies. this is video of what appears to be a fireball. the driver said he was headed out of san francisco. turns out here wasn't the only night star viewer. we got calls as far as st. helena as far south as gilroy. >> we were driving on interstate 80 in westfield and we saw this bright light
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)